Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Story of Red Cloud - Terraria Mod

The Story of Red Cloud is a massive full game Zelda/Dark Souls inspired adventure built inside the world of Terraria. It will take players through 12 dungeons spread across an expansive and inter-connected world, encompassing an estimated 15 to 20+ hr experience that will offer enough to do and see to enjoy more than one playthrough.
  • Dark Souls Game Mechanic 
  • 12 uniquely themed Dungeon areas spread between both normal and hard modes
  • 18 bosses (7 vanilla plus 11 mod bosses)
  • Custom Soundtrack inspired by Princess Mononoke & Zelda
  • Over 150-200 new mod items, weapons, and armors compiled from a dozen of the best mods from the community
  • Heavy remixing of included mod content, including some new bosses, mobs and gear
  • Game requires a quick installation of tConfig and Game Launcher (files included)
  • Currently single-player only, but a multiplayer update may be released later
  • A unique story that's descriptive but not too heavy on text
  • A strong emphasis on visual immersion and a logical connection between areas similar to Dark Soul's world layout.
  • Class progression and specialization will be based on player choices throughout the game
  • Map created entirely from scratch using Tedit 3, down to individual tree placements and hill curves
  • Easy, Normal & Hard Difficulty Modes
  • Depending on what you choose to do and how you spend your souls, every play-through will be different. (Recommended: Try playing through each time with a different class (ranged, melee or magic)
  • 6 months in development
(Note: Requires the full version of Terraria)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Legos - Build With Chrome - Webtoy

Free Sandbox Webtoy that's lets you play with Legos. All you have to do is pick your plot on the map and build til your heart's content.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Lord Of The Rings Online

In The Lord of the Rings Online™, join the world’s greatest fellowship of players in the award-winning online re-creation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle-earth. From the crumbling, shadowed ruins of Weathertop to the ageless, golden wood of Lothl√≥rien, immerse yourself in Middle-earth as you have never seen it before.

  • Explore the Massive World of Middle-earth: Immerse yourself in the award-winning recreation of the beloved fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien through renowned locations including the Shire, the Mines of Moria, and Lothl√≥rien.
  • Create & Advance Your Hero: Advance to level 75 with thousands of character customization possibilities. 4 races, 9 classes, 10 professions, 7 vocations, plus over 1,000 titles, skills and traits
  • Solo & Co-op Skirmishes: Dive into instant adventure alongside friends or customizable AI soldiers in exciting, scalable battles!
  • Legendary Items: Design and customize your own legendary weapons of immense power like Bilbo’s Sting or Gandalf’s Glamdring!
  • Play as a Monster: Fight as a servant of Sauron against other players in intense PvMP Combat!
  • Craft Your Own Gear: Farm crops in the fertile fields of the Shire or let your hammer ring in the Dwarven halls Ered Luin.
  • Free Online Play: No monthly fees required.

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