Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Space Quest: Incinerations

Space Quest: Incinerations is a 2D adventure game from the mind of Chris Ushko, developed in Chris Jones’ AGS Engine and rendered with 3D software. In it, you must help Roger and his friends take on a legion of villains in his quest to rescue the woman he loves, stop the universe from going up in flames, and heroically recover his missing luggage!


  • Over 45 minutes of fully-animated cinematics!
  • Nearly 100 CG-rendered backgrounds!
  • More than an hour’s worth of original music!
  • Dozens of original new characters!
  • Tons of classic adventure puzzle solving!
  • Lots of comedy and drama set against an intergalactic thrill ride of a story!
  • Unlockable Achievements and Trophies!
  • Alternate endings!

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